The company

We import fishing and aquaculture products from 1995, reaching high volume of imports. We deliver anywhere in Europe. Our philosophy is based on:

  • Traceability control

From the sea to the store, ender manages the fish from the capture to delivering.

  • Highest quality

We work with our own ships, other fleets, fish farms, fish markets, fish auctions, associations, depending on specific needs.

  • Precise and reliable distribution network

We guarantee punctual deliveries; we know how to react in case unexpected events and we found the right solution for our customers. We serve to wholesalers, manufacturers and fish processors.

  • Personal assistance for our customers

ender believes that satisfied customers are the result of a relationship based on confidence and communication.

Distribution map | Imports, exports and distribution of fishing products | ender

Our routes

Our fish products are imported from North sea, Norway, Iceland and Faroe Islands. With our logistic network we deliver anywhere in Europe and our minimum shipment is one pallet (550 kg).

Ground transportation (trucks) is the main one, but we also offer the combination of airfreight and seafreight.

We operate from the Arctic Circle to France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Portugal. We guarantee punctual deliveries to reach the best quality and freshness of our products.