Codfish (Gadus morhua)

Every year, between January and April, the codfish migrates to spawning from the Barents Sea at North Russia, to Iceland, Faroe Islands and Lofoten Islands. It's the best time for catching the appreciated codfish called Skrei.

From its arrival at port the codfish is classified according to its quality and it's immediately processed and packed to guarantee the maximum freshness. ender offers fresh and frozen codfish (whole or fillets), as well as salt and desalted codfish.

Cod (Gadus morhua) is a white fish that lives in the cold North Sea.

It's a lower-fat and low-calories fish, with high biological value proteins and B-group vitamins. It's also an excellent source of potassium and phosphor, and a source of sodium, especially the desalted codfish. It's a recommended food for a healthy, balanced diet.
Proteins 17 g.
Fat 0,7 g composed by:
- Omega 3 (n-3): 0.24 g.
- Omega 6 (n-6): 0.02 g.
Carbohydrates 0,0 g.
Vitamins Thiamine: 0,05 mg.
C: 2 mg.
Riboflavin: 0,04 mg.
Niacin: 4,6 mg.
B6: 0,26 mg.
Folic acid: 12 µg.
B12: 0,8 µg.
D: 1 µg.
E: 1 mg.
Minerals Calcium: 16 mg.
Iron: 0,2 mg.
Magnesium: 28 mg.
* quantity per 100 g of boneless cod
Source: Norwegian Seafood Council

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