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Salmon image | Ender | Copyright: Tom Haga - Norwegian Seafood Council
(Salmo salar) The salmon grows and follow the process at the Norwegian Fjords with severe quality assessments.

We fulfil the strict Norwegian legislation regarding density, predator control, net cleaning, veterinary controls, vaccines and environmental controls. The fish processing and packaging is a quick operation so that we can guarantee our products are freshly made. We guarantee traceability, as well as the process control and monitoring from the sea to your store. ender offers you fresh and frozen salmon, whole or fillets, as well as frozen pieces with different sizes.

Fresh and whole

Fresh fillets TRIM A

Fillet without:
- Central bone

Fresh fillets TRIM B

Fillet without:
- Central bone
- Dorsal fin

Fresh fillets TRIM C

Fillet without:
- Central bone
- Dorsal fin
- Tailpiece

Fresh fillets TRIM D

Fillet without:
- Central bone
- Dorsal fin
- Tailpiece
- Bones (Pin Bone Out)
- Completely trimmed
- Trimmed ventral membrane

Fresh fillets TRIM E

Completely trimmed boneless fillet without skin

Frozen whole

Frozen fillets TRIM A

Frozen fillets TRIM B

Frozen fillets TRIM C

Frozen fillets TRIM D

Frozen fillets TRIM E

Frozen pieces IQF (without skin, boneless, vacuum packed)

Codfish image | Ender | Copyright: Lauritzen og Westhammer - Norwegian Seafood Council
(Gadus morhua) Every year, between January and April, the codfish migrates to spawning from the Barents Sea at North Russia, to Iceland, Faroe Islands and Lofoten Islands. It's the best time for catching the appreciated codfish called Skrei.

From its arrival at port the codfish is classified according to its quality and it's immediately processed and packed to guarantee the maximum freshness. ender offers fresh and frozen codfish (whole or fillets), as well as salt and desalted codfish.

Fresh Whole Gutted

Frozen on board Whole Gutted

Frozen on board Fillets (with skin and bones, not glazed)

Frozen onshore Fillets IQF

Monk fish image | Ender | Copyright: Eiliv Leren - Norwegian Seafood Council
(Lophius piscatorius) Monkfish lives on the ocean bottom in deep water, within the sand or mud found on the bottom.

It's captured in the North-east Atlantic and from its arrival to port it's immediately processed and packed to guarantee the maximum freshness. ender offers fresh and frozen monkfish (whole or tails).

Fresh whole

Frozen Whole

Fresh Tails

Frozen Tails

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